The stainless bottle

24.90 euros

Every minute on the planet, we consum 1 million PET bottle. So this stainless bottle is our way to fight the problem. It will follow you everywhere you go with style.

75 cl, can keep cold and warm beverages, made of stainless steel with a bamboo cap. No BPA nor plastic, there is no layer inside so this bottle is perfectly healthy.


- Rince before first use

- Dont put in dishwasher

- Dont use with sparkling beverages 

5% for the associations

Where it is made:

We want to be transparent on where our products are coming from.
This stainless bottle is made in China where all the stainless bottles are made today. We looked for alternatives in Europe but the majority of Stainless steel is made in Asia.

Moreover the machines for the production process are specific and not installed as of today in Europe.


As you know, at Nomads Surfing we are fighting for a cleaner playground and against the plastic pollution which is out top priority. So this bottle is one of our best response to address the issue and start adopting zero waste practicies.