What's the Nomads tee-shirt?


This t-shirt was made in collaboration with our friend Marie, creator of the brand Maia Jord. Without her experience and contacts in the world of fashion, make this t-shirt "made in France" would not have been possible.

We started the adventure in February 2018 with the visit of Première Vision in Paris to find our fabric suppliers meeting our eco-responsible requirements.

Suppliers we worked with were carefully selected based on their expertise and eco-responsible approach.

Finally, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by respecting a short logistics chain since our fabrics come from Portugal and all our workshops are located in Marseille, France.


For our collaborative project we chose an ecological material made of:


  • 70% organic cotton, a recyclable and ethical vegetable fiber. Organic cotton respects the environment, it is cultivated according to biological techniques and it is without GMO. The absence of chemical pesticides and dyes makes it pleasant to touch, as well as totally hypoallergenic.

  • 30% recycled PET fibers from old plastic bottles offering greater resistance to recycled yarn. The bottles are collected in Europe and recycled in Europe.

  • qualitative material: a density of 180g/m2 of the fabric whereas an average T-shirt is around 140g/m2. This means more threads and more material per square meter and therefore increased quality.


Like all the other products sold on this website, we are committed to donate a portion of our sales to the three associations we support: The Plastic Solution, Trash Hero Malaysia and Project Rescue Ocean.


Each Nomads t-shirt sold is a direct aid to beaches and oceans protection, a sensitive subject, very important to us and which concerns us all.

By buying a Nomads t-shirt, you consume responsibly and reduce your impact on the planet.