For sustainable surfing

Support for associations

While we were developing our concept, we decided to support local associations that have made the protection of coastlines and Oceans their main concern. To this end, we donate 5% of our direct sales through our endowment fund.

Nomads Ocean Care

Eco-designed products

At Nomads our mission is to innovate to create surf and lifestyle products that enable surfers to reduce their environmental footprint. We’re the first European surf brand to offer a complete range of eco-designed and locally manufactured surf accessories.d


Our motto

Protecting our playground

Our history

Nomads Surfing is above all the story of three friends, three surfers, three travelers: Basile, Nicolas and Thomas. The story began one evening in April 2017 over a beer overlooking the ocean. This ocean will become, along with our shared passion for surfing, the keystone of our project.

A new awareness

In 2018, the brand was officially born in Bordeaux, in the southwest of France. The aim: to become the benchmark brand for responsible surfing, enabling surfers to enjoy their passion while reducing their impact on the environment.

5 years later, we’re the first European brand to offer a complete range of eco-designed, locally manufactured surfboards and accessories. We are present in over 110 partner stores, we have our own surf shop in Lacanau and we carry out numerous actions alongside our partner associations.

Nomads Surfing, before being a brand, is above all a family, a community with a state of mind focused on strong convictions, committed to the fight against global warming and ocean conservation.

The founders

Our values

Our commitment

Our mission is to protect our playground, the ocean!


Ensuring the sustainability of the brand, our products and our social and environmental environment.


To give you maximum visibility of how we manufacture and operate.


Offering high-performance equipment that allows you to surf responsibly.

The future with Nomads


Concrete projects

After 5 years, we decided to take our commitment to non-profit organizations a step further by creating the Nomads Ocean Care endowment fund. The aim of this endowment fund is to collect money from our partners and donate it to associations committed to protecting the ocean.

A responsible future

We think every day about what tomorrow’s surfing should be. We work hard every day to offer surfers alternatives, particularly in terms of product end-of-life, rental and second-hand products. Our aim is to provide a concrete response to emissions linked to the surfing industry and the sports industry in general.

Creation of Nomads Surfing

A new adventure begins for Basile, Nicolas and Thomas with the launch of the company. With their heads full of projects and dreams, they are 200% committed to this new life project.

Eco-responsible partner of Lacanau Pro

In 2019, the brand is an official eco-responsible partner of the Lacanau Pro. The same year we shot our documentary No Mad in the Philippines, which was released a few years later on Netflix.

Successful crowdfunding

In 2020 we won the #AiglePositiveImpact call for projects and raised over €16,000 from the general public to launch the first fins made in France from fishing nets.

New boards and accessories

In 2021, we’re launching our cork traction pad made in the Landes region of France. We became an SSE-certified company and organized the first edition of our Ocean Days festival at the Promenade Sainte-Catherine.


In 2022 we become B CORP certified with a score of 110.3. That same year, NETFLIX bought the rights to our documentary and broadcast it in over 28 countries.