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All about Nomads Surfing

For an ecofriendly surf
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Ecofriendly products

Nomads is a brand that offers boards labeled "Ecoboard", accessories such as a traction pad, fins or even environmentally friendly clothing.

Supporting Associations

While developing our concept, we decided to support local associations which have chose to fight for coastline and ocean protection. For this, we give them 5% of our sales.
Nomads Ocean Care
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A reduced carbon footprint

By shaping our boards in Portugal and choosing local suppliers, we are trying as much as possible to reduce our carbon impact.
Sustainable development


For a cleaner Playground !

Our story

Nomads Surfing is the story of three friends, three surfers but most of all, three globetrotters: Nicolas, Thomas and Basile, traveling from West to Est for work or by pleasure but always with a surfboard in their luggage.
The story started on April 2017, around a good beer at the bottom of the Pyla dune, facing the ocean, this ocean that became our project’s keystone.

An international dimension

Established in Bordeaux, Kuala Lumpur and Manila, we have already been to numerous surf spots. However, it is always the same observation: how dirty is our ocean nowadays? From the plastic beaches in Bali, or the winter wastes on our French coastline, trashes are poisoning our ecosystems.
Just like every surfers, we love spending a day in the water among our friends and we wish the coming generations to enjoy it as well. This is the reason why we would like, at our scale, to contribute to the protection.


The founders

Our values

ecologie surf ecoresponsable


To commit for the planet and future generations, this is what we do!


Ensure the sustainability of the brand, the products and our social and environmental commitment.
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Always offer you the greatest visibility on what we do.
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Look for innovations that will allow you to surf more and with less impact for the planet.

Our vision !

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New products
We work every day to offer you new products that are the most eco-friendly and in accordance with the circular economy principles. It is time for mentalities to change, and the surfing industry must start its revolution.
Concret projects
In connection with the three associations that we support, we wish to carry out even more projects on ocean protection. The protection of coral in Philippines is part of this process and we will be inviting you to participate very soon.
Intense moments
Because Nomads is organizing eco-responsible surf trip, we want to bring you to travel differently and to rethink your vision by offering surf, action, all in exclusive and unforgettable places.

Do you want to join the team ?