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“In search of the perfect travel board for very small waves like 2m (the site says 1.2m but I confirm that it goes well on 2m too without too much verticality) I was looking for the ultimate all-round board…
My eco-friendly side had me looking for second-hand boards, until I came across Nomads boards… a week’s hesitation and I went for the Cherating… it can do it all… chill on small waves in longboard style, more aggressive on more powerful waves with great maneuvering responsiveness, take off on more radical waves, and the ponpon, it lets me duckdive with its 7′ version and 41l volume (I’m 80kg if ever).
Solid and light with its rocker and half-minimal, half-hybrid shape, it catches the eye wherever it goes, it already knows the Canaries well, the Spanish and French Basque coast… and that’s just the beginning… in short I’m a big fan of this board!!!! “


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“I’m a big fan of my 5’11 FISH BALER. It’s the one I’m surfing the most at the moment with my 9-footer.

I bought it in 2021.

Volume is back on track. I’ve got enough volume under my torso to make take-offs easier (and yes, as I’m approaching 40, I’ve got less body than I used to!!). Nervous board, which took me a few sessions to tame; it’s also my first twin…so the supports are different. Riding on relatively deep perf keels is great. The board is ultra-light, and its weight impressed a lot of friends. What’s more, it’s sturdy – I still haven’t made a dent in the deck!

I’m proud to be surfing with a Nomads that adheres to an ethic that I like. And it makes me happy to see you grow: new premises, film on Netflix etc…”


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Owner of a Capana 5’8 board since 2019, it’s my go-anywhere board. It has accompanied me on all my surftrips for its versatility (Sri Lanka, Morocco, Norway, Senegal, Canaries, etc.). It lets me have fun in all conditions, thanks to its volume, while retaining maneuverability. The shape is interesting, with a high beam that makes it easy to get going. It’s undoubtedly a good first board for an intermediate who’d like to start out on shorter boards.


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I recently bought a fish pacifico in 6’2 loves to surf it. Easy to row, the board can take many waves (even soft ones) and picks up a lot of speed once launched. Its lightness and quad configuration make it very responsive on the wave, for maximum fun!


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After 2 seasons surfing this epoxy shortboard on the beachbreaks of Gironde and some Caribbean and Pacific waves, here’s a look back at the Nomads Capana!
This epoxy board is my quiver’s all-purpose board. With good volume under the front foot, you’ll have good buoyancy and an efficient oar for wave entry. This volume doesn’t hinder your trajectories; on the contrary, I find it helps you get through flat sections and gives you support in the carves, even at low speeds. The Thruster mounting on this swallowtail makes for a board fast and responsive enough to perform radical maneuvers. Nevertheless, it remains very accessible, forgiving support and rail faults.
I loved surfing this board in waves from 50cm to 1m50/2m with no wind.
In conclusion, in my opinion, this board is aimed at experienced surfers (volume and board size to be adapted to level and size) looking for a durable everyday surfboard that will give you speed and maneuverability while forgiving any technical shortcomings.


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“Very good board that I ride on medium-sized waves (1m – 1m80).you get the hang of it very quickly.
Unfortunately I don’t have the level to test it on aerials.

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It’s a great board. I can confirm that it is indeed designed for all types of conditions, having tested it in 50 cm as well as 1 m 20 . Its major asset, in my opinion, is its stability. I also find it very easy to use for steering, the rail grips well without creating an imbalance. The need for a good oar and a good wave start remains, however, with this board when waves lack energy. I would definitely recommend this board to all surfers who want to improve their surfing skills. It’s a great board for a 1st time hardboarder.

To complete my comment, I’d like to point out that I surf in the La Torche area of Finistère and that we have the opportunity to surf almost every day of the year, in a wide variety of conditions.”


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“A made-to-measure board made directly with the Nomads team at the top of their game, listening to what I wanted.
A great board, the shaper does a great job !!!!
As far as the technical side of the board is concerned, the expoxy provides even more buoyancy for maximum comfort, while retaining the technical aspect, which means you can go for performance even in difficult conditions.


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Planche de Surf "Made in China" : bonne ou mauvaise idée ?

I started surfing again in 2019 with a mini malibu just to get back into the swing of things, and 1 year later I bought a nomads capana in 6.3 for 37.10L, which suited me just fine. because for hollows and to get a feel for it was ideal, I loved this boardit’s a good variant after the mini malibu for beginners to get through your first rollers! Super pleasant, the materials are eco on top of that, I recommend it!



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EVO board

The board generates a lot of speed, it responds immediately to every maneuver, it has a very good responsiveness. It feels light and buoyant, whether you’re rowing or riding the wave! I surf it in all conditions (small or big waves, windy, clean…). It’s a great board that stands the test of time and respects ecological values!


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“I bought a Fish pacifico in 6’0 35L because I was looking for a board that would allow me to progress, while being versatile and affordable! The contract has been fulfilled: it’s really very pleasant to surf and can be used in virtually all types of conditions! I had lots of questions and requests during the purchase and afterwards and the Nomads team was super accommodating and responsive! I recommend it!
What’s more, when you dig deeper, their approach doesn’t appear to be greeenwashing at all, unlike other brands I’ve looked at.


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“As the owner of a custom Cherating since 2020, this board has really accompanied me in my progression. Extremely manoeuvrable and stable at the oars, it picks up a lot of speed when breaking waves, making it easy to pass through mollower sections. It’s a versatile board for both light and medium conditions.
I recommend this board without hesitation


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“Many sessions for my NOMADS board. Ultra-light compared to my previous boards of similar shape such as BIC or TORQ. Very easy to row and to break the wave on this model.


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I’ve been following the Nomads project since its inception, and have been lucky enough to surf the brand since their very first boards. Whether in terms of performance or versatility, the brand has been and continues to be able to assert its values without ever neglecting the technical aspect… And all this with a human, available and creative team. So if you can make the most of your sessions and surf in an eco-responsible way, why deprive yourself?


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“I’m currently riding the PACIFICO surfboard, which for me, as an occasional surfer, allows me to keep up the sensations all year round, both during periods when I haven’t surfed for a long time and during the more intensive weeks 😅 It’s the same with the conditions, I’m enjoying both the smaller and the bigger sessions. PACIFICO the hybrid board par excellence!


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I’ve had the Capana for 3 years and I love it! A model with a nice volume distribution on the nose, which provides a great paddle and makes it easier to get going (even on very small boards). The board is super-light yet sturdy (very little sinkage). I love taking it on trips or at home when I’m in a shredder mood 😊 good ride! 🤙


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“My cherating 7′ is always the right option!
Lightweight and responsive, it’s fun to surf whatever the conditions!


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“I’ve been the proud owner of Longboard Nomads since the beginning. A few years later, I’m still very happy with this log. It’s not a nose rider but more of a versatile longboard. This log is elegant, super-light (which is pretty amazing for a log). I love it, it’s very maneuverable and suitable for all types of waves.”

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