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Our ambassadors

Nina Reynal

From Saint-Barthélemy and now a student in Bordeaux, Nina already has an impressive hit list:

– 2 times French champions
– 5th in the world junior championship
– ISA Junior World Champion – French team
– 4th at the WSL pro Junior Europe

On the QS tour for the lest 3 years she wants to devote herself to free surfing for the 2020 season and make more footage during her surf trips.

Erwan Blouin

19, straight from La Teste-De-Buch, he was 4th European junior in 2017 and 7th in 2018.

Simply ISA team world champion in 2016 Erwan was a member of the French young star for 3 years.

He is now focusing on QS for the 2020 season although complicated due to COVID19.

In an air style of his own, Erwan continues to progress and surprise us.

Mathilde Picart

Mathilde is a friend and our Nomads ambassador!

Student in medical faculty in Bordeaux, her favourite skill is longboarding. She represents the real NOMADS spirit with her trips to Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Morocco, to discover the most secret spots on our planet while trying to minimize its impact on the environment.
Always available to go surfing on the Atlantic coast in Carcans, she will show you the best sandbank!

Kevin Larour

A little over a year ago, this young surfer from Britany with a blonde mane joined us for a product design internship. A true wood virtuoso, he was also a great help to highlight the Nomads Surfing spirit at Lacanau Pro 2018 and 2019!

Since then, he has been part of the Nomads Surfing family and joins us regularly on our events to have a good time and lend a helping hand.

Boogie champion, he doesn’t hesitate to swap his board for his fish or longboard!

Tanguy Thomas

True Waterman from Lacanau, it’s a real multifaceted athlete. Windsurfer, surfer and now foiler, nothing can stop him!

When the sunny days return, you can find him at the south beach for a little surf lesson with Wally Glisse Surf & Sailing School.

In the meantime, he is always in the water, whatever the temperature and the conditions.

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