Environmental protection

In addition to being a committed surf brand, we have put our commitments at the heart of our DNA since the beginning of the adventure by donating 5% of our online sales to ocean protection associations.

Our mission,
participate in our own way
to protecting the ocean
and its ecosystems.

The ocean plays a vital role in our livelihood. A veritable lung for our planet, it provides, for example, more than half the oxygen we breathe.

It is also an important source of food and medicines, and an essential component of the biosphere.

Since 2018, we’ve donated more than 25,000 euros to our partner associations and thus been able to help raise public awareness of the fundamental place it occupies in our ecosystem, and the threats it faces due to human activities.

Today, we support projects on 3 key themes: ecosystem protection, raising awareness in schools and coral reforestation.

Our 3 supported associations

Sea Shepherd

Founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, SEA SHEPHERD is the world’s most militant ocean defense NGO. Sea Shepherd works in three main areas:
Go beyond mere protest to active, non-violent intervention in cases of illegal damage to marine life and ecosystems. Find out more about our collaboration with them.


Water Family

The Water Family Du Flocon à la Vague association, which is recognized as being in the public interest, works to preserve water, our health and all living things.


The Coral Planters

The association’s mission is to protect marine ecosystems through coral restoration, awareness-raising and education, and scientific research.


The One Ocean For All movement, a movement for the Ocean

Every minute, the equivalent of a truckload of plastic is dumped into the ocean. It was with this in mind that we decided to launch the One Ocean For All movement in 2021.
The aim in initiating this project was to bring together all the organizations that share the desire and common objective of protecting our planet, by appealing for donations to support associations working in the field.

Supported by BCorp, La FrenchTech, the Rescue Ocean Foundation and the French Ministry of the Sea, the movement initiated by Nomads Surfing in June 2022 has brought together more than a dozen companies and associations.

Over 6,000 euros were collected throughout France, enabling us to subsidize the 3 associations selected this year to carry out awareness-raising, coral reef preservation and beach clean-up programs:

Read our impact report HERE

Social Development

Because there can be no climate justice without social justice, we have decided to support social projects that are close to our hearts.

Hello Little Medusa

A group of surfers from Brittany who organize surf trips to remote spots on their own. As they explored remote areas, they realized that they were coming up against social, environmental and ecological difficulties. A realization that inspired them to get involved.

In August 2019 they’re off to Sri Lanka to introduce children to surfing, a sport that promotes values, and also offer former surfers the chance to resume their passion on new equipment. It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness of first-aid techniques and to ride the wave of everyday worries.

In August 2021, after a year stuck in France because of COVID, they embarked on an extraordinary adventure in Western Sarah, where equipped with their Nomads surfboards they went to distribute equipment to isolated corners of Morocco. This was an opportunity for us to support them financially and with a donation of equipment, as we offered several sets of surf fins.


The Paddle Paddle Surf Project

The association collects surfboards and surf accessories, which are then repaired and shipped to countries around the world to raise awareness of social and environmental issues through surfing.

After Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Morocco and Colombia, the next project is the opening of a surf school in Ghana, which will enable women and children to emancipate themselves through surfing.

So we’ve given them a donation of 500 euros in 2021 to help cover some of their costs. A wonderful project that we are proud to support.


Grain de sable

Founded in 2005, Grain de Sable, a humanitarian association based in Mérignac, Gironde, carries out solidarity projects and trips to help disadvantaged populations in Benin, Burkina Faso and Cambodia.
These stays combine commitment in the field with discovery of the country, its people and customs.

Since 2021, we’ve been in contact with the association, which collects from end-of-life flip-flop places during their humanitarian trips and helps fund and support the local population.

The washed and cut flip-flops are then brought back to France when the association members return to our headquarters, where we make our new pads.


Global Awareness

Our mission is also to raise awareness of ocean pollution and waste recovery through our Precious Plastic workshops.

What is Precious Plastic?

It’s a plastic recycling workshop initiated by Dave Hakkens, from the Netherlands.
Its mission is as follows: To enable plastic waste to be reprocessed and given a second life using machines that you can build yourself.
And this time there’s no patent, as all the information is available online free of charge – it’s a 100% open source project.

We took the plunge 3 years ago and are now equipped with our own machines. We’re now offering a participatory plastic recycling workshop to recycle waste and raise awareness.
A fun, participatory workshop for young and old alike, to help them better understand the challenges of the circular economy.

They trust us