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Shortboard EVO

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Enter a new era with the EVO. Featuring Nomads Natural Flex technology, this shortboard is composed of a stringer-free expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) block reinforced with a natural unidirectional flax/basalt fiber to provide the necessary stiffness and optimal board responsiveness.

Thruster – FCS2 housing – possibility of attaching TwoTab Nomads (R)evolution

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Our impact

This board is Gold Ecoboard certified

  • A 100% recyclable EPS foam bar
  • A 40% bio-sourced resin – made in France
  • Fiberglass
  • Flax/Basalt fiber for central reinforcement – made in France

With its squash tail and pinched rails, the grip will also be very good in slower conditions with size. A shape that provides a good balance between speed and board hold in troughs, while maintaining excellent maneuverability.

Full-length linen/basalt reinforcement for greater rigidity and drive in heavy conditions. Comparable to a carbon reinforcement in terms of performance, the fiber provides a particular Flex with more response underfoot.

We encourage our customers to make their surfboards last as long as possible and to rethink the way they consume. If your board is damaged, you can buy a repair kit or take it to one of our partner shapers.

Because we need to anticipate the end-of-life of our products, at Nomads we offer to collect all your end-of-life boards in order to recycle them for EPS foam boards, or value them for PU boards, in exchange for a €70 voucher on our range of boards.

We want to help surfers reduce their environmental footprint. Our boards are manufactured in Portugal for stock boards and in France for custom boards. We strive to offer the best alternative on the market.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Cotes Evo

5' 11, 5'10, 5'4, 5'7 x 19' 1/4, 5'8 x 19' 5/16, 5'9, 6'0, 6'1, 6'2, 6'3, 6'4


Surfboard + fins + pad + leash, Surfboard only



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