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Shortboard Super Sud

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A super-accessible shortboard, ideal for getting to grips with small boards after having tried your hand at more stable boards.

But it’s also ideal for enjoying yourself without getting too tired at the oars. A generous outline, a light rocker and plenty of volume to make the most of summer days and be comfortable in a multitude of conditions.

Thruster Fins – FCS2 housing – compatible with our TwoTab fins (FCS1)

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  • Features and info

      Wave type

      From 50cm to 1.5m

      Tail / Rocker

      Squash tail Low rocker


      Thruster FCS2 FCS1 compatible

  • Carbone footprint

      We strive to offer maximum transparency and visibility for our products. To date, no LCA has been carried out on this board model.

  • Delivery

      Our boards can be collected directly from our head office or delivered by our GEODIS carrier. All our boards are packed in FlexiHex and recycled cardboard. Our boards can be rented in Bordeaux or purchased from our partner surf shops.

  • Volume calculator

      Are you wondering which board to choose? Find our volume simulator here.

  • Customized surfboard

      For a customized board, contact us on the chatbot. An out-of-stock board can be ordered with a 4 to 6 week lead time for production and delivery.

  • Description

    Our impact

    Classic construction using more durable materials than most similar buildings:

    • 100% recycled and recyclable polystyrene foam loaf (EPS)
    • 40% biobased epoxy resin
    • Fiberglass

    The benefits:

    Proven construction for lightweight, technical boards with a strength advantage 3 times greater than polyester resin and polyurethane foam boards.
    Elongation at break of epoxy resins 5 to 6% vs. only 2% for polyester resins.

    For this flax construction, we replace a layer of fiberglass with flax fiber grown in Europe. The resin is then applied under vacuum, reducing the quantity used.

    • 100% recycled and recyclable polystyrene foam loaf (EPS)
    • 40% biobased epoxy resin
    • Linen fiber and fiberglass

    The benefits:

    Linen fiber is lighter than fiberglass and better at absorbing vibrations.
    Its environmental impact is lower than that of fiberglass.

    Revolutionary composite sandwich technology employing a blend of cork granules and short flax fibers.

    A gliding sensation comparable to polyester resin boards without the drawbacks.

    This blend provides very high chop-absorbing properties and far superior strength, with an elongation at break of 14% compared with 2% for polyester resin planks.

    • 100% recycled and recyclable polystyrene foam loaf (EPS)
    • 40% biobased epoxy resin
    • Cork & linen composite

    The benefits:

    A very strong and much more durable board, with 14% elongation at break versus 2% for polyester boards, as well as much higher shock absorption than a conventionally constructed EPS/epoxy board.

    This technology enables Epoxy-type repairs to be carried out without any problems.

    We encourage our customers to make their surfboards last as long as possible and to rethink the way they consume. If your board is damaged, you can buy a repair kit or take it to one of our partner shapers.

    Because we need to anticipate the end-of-life of our products, at Nomads we offer to collect all your end-of-life boards in order to recycle them for EPS foam boards, or value them for PU boards, in exchange for a €70 voucher on our range of boards.

    We want to help surfers reduce their environmental footprint. Our boards are manufactured in Portugal for stock boards and in France for custom boards. We strive to offer the best alternative on the market.

    This foam board is100% recyclable, and we will take back your board at the end of its life in exchange for a voucher.

    In action


    Developed with professional coaches, this board has been designed for surfers in full progress.

    Designed as the first shortboard, the board retains excellent paddling stability for safe, confident takeoffs. The first speed-ups, the first manoeuvres, exploiting the face of the wave.
    This is definitely the board that will help you progress while having maximum fun.
    A board that ranges from 6’0 to 6’4.

    This model is available for test in 6’2.

    The ECOBOARD label

    Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD project helps the surfing community build, buy and ride sustainable, high-performance boards. Much more than just the “ECOBOARD label” on the boards of the world’s best surf brands, the ECOBOARD project educates and engages surfers about the environmental impacts of their lifestyle through the prism of their surfboard.

    An ECOBOARD label is a mark of sustainability and high performance. Boards with the ECOBOARDS label have the same technical performance as any modern watersports board, while having reduced environmental and toxic impacts – thanks to the use of more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

    When you see a board displaying the ECOBOARD Level One or Gold Level label, this means it has one or more of the following attributes:
    a significantly reduced carbon footprint
    renewable, recycled and/or recovered raw materials
    uses materials and processes that reduce toxicity during manufacturing
    reduces manufacturing waste

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    Additional information

    Weight 4 kg
    Size Super Sud

    6'0, 6'2, 6'3, 6'4


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